NR-7 Comunicação | Comunicação Corporativa
Nossa missão é trazer ao mercado brasileiro de Comunicação Corporativa uma visão direta, compartilhada, mensurável e que vá além do processo tradicional de relações públicas e assessoria de imprensa.
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NR-7 Comunicação Vision, Strategy and Operations


Working with publics of interest, bringing alignment, direct message and dialogue to interact


Expanding brand positioning in a determining way to make the messages go viral


It is not about thinking out of the box, but presenting solutions that guarantee simple, direct brand communication

About NR-7

Our mission is to bring to the Brazilian Corporate Communications market a direct view, shared and measurable, that goes beyond the traditional process.

It is the moment to find differentiators, based on pillars that combine Brand Identity; Relationship with direct and indirect audiences; and the Innovation to create approaches and apply effective solutions that trigger real interest in the stories we tell.

We believe in Being Creative, which goes beyond the conventional way of practicing Public Relations. Which thinks, questions, takes risks and, mostly, brings concepts down and innovates and, at the same time, uses arguments, because we know the value of what we deliver.

We align the concepts of analogue and digital, adjust the difference between future time and real time, and think O2O (online to off-line).

Our strategy is to find the reason behind things, to connect, interact and think differently in the conversion of Vision, Culture, Product and Market.

At NR-7, we do Creative Communication.

Nelson Rodrigues
CEO and Founder

A soccer, cinema and television lover, started his career on TV, where, for 11 years, worked on the main TV broadcasters in Brazil as SBT, Rede TV!, Globo, BandNews and TV Terra. He came around the counter and developed a solid experience in press relations, where has worked for 9 years with brands such as Apple, Palm, Smart Technologies, Buscapé, Speedo, Peixe Urbano, Axciom and boo-box. From the work with innovation and entrepreneurship, came the idea to found NR-7 and work towards breaking paradigms and concepts in the communication market.

Daniel Miura

With deep knowledge of American football, food and music, he gave up the gastronomy world early and became a journalist. With 19 years in the market, he worked at Jornal da Tarde and O Estado de S. Paulo. He specialized in corporate communication to look after accounts in the retail, finance, IT, internet and chemical industries, including big customers such as Unibanco, Sherwin-Williams, Nintendo and Rohm and Haas. He has also worked in the development of internet and social media projects for customers as relevant and Unilever, Aché Laboratórios, Monsanto, the Government of Aruba, Alcoa and Hyundai.

Ricardo Rodrigues

He started young, at 14, when he had his first experiences in the administrative and financial areas, working in offices, invoicing, cash flow and sales. He took a break to practice law for two years after law school and fate brought him back to the field that actually makes him happy. Thus, another 12 years went by, working at banking institutions until the position of investment consultant. His knowledge of almost 30 years in the market, the combination of professional and educational experiences, led him to take over the financial, administrative and legal management at NR-7.

Gefferson Eusébio
Account Service Manager

An admirer and follower of the ideas of Freud, Jung, Reich, Lowen and Bauman, Gefferson is very close to his family and children. With 15 years in the Corporate Communication market, he has worked in the areas of fashion, sports, culture, business, technology, communication and marketing, among others. He coordinated the communication of major events, including the São Paulo Fashion Week, Salão do Automóvel, Carnaval de São Paulo, FEICON BATIMAT. He has managed customers such as Red Bull, UMBRO, PUMA, FILA, and has also gathered experience in the service for major arts exhibits held in São Paulo.

Julyana Castro
Account Service Coordinator

Passionate about communication, Julyana is Public Relations and holds an MBA in Strategic Business Management. He decided to pursue this career to create and defend brands, and over the course of his eight years of acting she has worked with marketing projects, internal communications, endomarketing, public relations and relationship with influencers. She’s been working on both fronts of communication; Internally, in companies as Medial Saúde, Amil Par, VivaReal e Cpmpetitiom Academias and inside agencies, serving clients such as Fila, Umbro, Reserva, Beauty Week, OQVestir, BuscaPé, Tricae, Kanui, Kickante and Elo7.